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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bermuda International Film Festival Opening Party

O.K ... The Bermuda International Film Festival is upon us and the opening party was last night. I thought I should show up. I'll probably not get to see a lot of the movies for 2 reasons: 1. I'm broke and 2. Tickets sell fast.

BIFF is an annual festival established in 1997 and is one of only four truly independent film festivals in the world.
That's me (cross-eyed) in the middle, Tony Brannon at left. More photos here

Anyway the party was at #6 Shed (cruise ship passenger terminal) on Front Street, a great place for a party. Music was supplied by Andy Williams from Montreal and Jon Legere of Volcanic Productions and I was happy to hear some Afro beat in public for a change. Not a lot of dancing but the atmosphere was friendly. Four drink tickets came with the $25 admission but most people seemed to have a lot more. I promptly lost my quota of drink tickets but the nice bartenders didn't seem to mind. One of them was my neighbour Mark Carey of Mark Carey Consulting Inc (I actually didn't recognize him out of context) and I knew the rest.

Two reasons i'm glad I showed up are Ozette and Lila visiting from New York. Lila is an aspiring actress and i'm sure she'll make it. I was immediately attracted to her (pictured right) and instinct told me she was leaving the next day ... she was. This unconditional attraction occurs infrequently with me but the subject is always leaving the next day!

Tony Brannon was at the party still thankful I found and returned his credit card earlier today on my job. Also present was Sylvester from Dominica. He's also a long time resident in Bermuda working as a detective with the Bermuda Police, and the guy in Marissa's life. Marissa is my co-worker from the Philippines. I've never really met Sylvester before and he appears to be a genuinely nice guy.

All in all a pleasant evening. I left after 1 am and headed over to Cafe Cairo across the road. The place was packed with at least 50 people waiting outside to get in. They would not be allowed in as the place was too full. Sylvester had already entered ... I lost him whilst making sure I hadn't lost Lila's email. Security was tight and my new found acquaintance with Sylvester came in handy. I mentioned to a big bouncer that I was with Sylvester... he got hold of Sylvester and confirmed this to be the case. Magic things happen when you know the right people, I jumped the line and strolled in - my status in society greatly enhanced.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog,and Ilike you - so you are linked man!! Visit my blog and say something ... PLEASE!!

CITIZEN... said...

Yaaay!!... a comment. Thanx 'dog.

Anonymous said...

I love to hear stuff from your part of the world -its great!


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