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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spotlight Party

Some music for you - Sonific SongSpot: Don't They or check this out Sonific SongSpot: Give Me the Night

Volcanic Productions has done it again! These guys know how to throw a party. This year's Spotlight Party took place last night in the Princess room and Regency Terrace at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel. And so it was in my fancy green pants, feeling a little under the weather, at around 10.30pm I made my entrance...

As usual the guest list and others who footed the paltry sum of $40 consisted of people you actually want to meet... cool people is what i'm saying. I mean I showed up (o.k I digress)... but you catch my drift huh? The gals outnumbered the guys, which is always a good thing, and a good number had on green. Let me explain myself. At this party green means you're available, red means taken, and amber I guess would depend on who's asking, on the fence, swinger... There is no confusion here like in other parties where a guy has to stake out the girls and look for 'available' signs - the ring on her finger, which finger? what does that smile mean? Is that guy her boyfriend? Who are her girlfriends? Do I know any of them? etc.. The process is not glamorous and includes, but is not limited to, one's ability to make a smooth transition from 'I am so interested in you' to 'just making friendly conversation' A guy can be made or broken in milliseconds depending on this ability or his cologne. No such nonsense at the Spotlight Party... all the guys had on nice cologne.

The Kissing Booth, with veteran photographer Meridith Andrews on hand, took care of the professional photography. Those photos should show up here.

Here's Meredith in action at The Kissing Booth
Spotlight Party Feb 24 '07 - 46.jpg

The music was also off da hook featuring The Butcha (VP's resident NYC DJ), Skilatchi, and the Dirkistan Freedom Fighters. Over the top? Perhaps but that's VP for you. Dancehall, Hip Hop, Old School and midnight tribute to James Brown from The Butcha. All in all an excellent night. 'Nuff respect to Jon Legere, The man behind VP.

From Spotlight Party

For my photos of the action click the photo or click HERE
Spotlight Party Feb 24 '07 - 105.jpg
Pictured is The Butcha from New York

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